Custom Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are an extremely popular choice, channel letters catch
the eye by standing out, away from your building. Business logos or
images that complement your business name can be cut to design
and electrically wired for effect, if desired. Businesses in malls all across
America use channel letters to set their name apart from the rest.

Foam Lettering!

Plastic  Business Name Sign Foam letters business sign

Plastic Letters

Flat Cut Acrylic Letters are made with precision laser cutting, and are ideal for detailed logo signs. With a variety of thicknesses and colors, as well as totally custom artwork, your flat cut acrylic sign is sure to be a unique looking addition to your business identity. These letters are an excellent, low cost choice for either indoor or outdoor uses.

Flat Cut Acrylic Lettering

Formed plastic letters are created using easily customizable molds and are a great way to add dimension to your lobby or building sign. These versatile plastic letters come in many colors, including metallic shades, which can give your sign a metal look at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being a great way to express your company identity, these letters are durable and UV stable, which will keep your corporate logo looking good both indoors and out!

Formed plastic letters

Acrylic Laminate Letters: When you're looking to give your sign a more 3d look, acrylic laminate is a great option. The acrylic sheets are laminated to PVC or a durable foam material up to a thickness of 3”. Clear acrylic on a painted surface is one way to really get your signs to pop. This application is ideal for lobby signs!

Acrylic Laminated letters

PVC sign letters are an alternative to acrylic sign letters. PVC comes in many colors and thicknesses, and works very well for indoor signage, and has a limited outdoor life span. PVC does not require surface lamination or painting, which makes the material easy to work with an relatively inexpensive. If you're interested in a more custom look for your PVC sign, painted and laminated options are available.

Foam Letters

Foam Lettering

Gatorfoam letters are made of a high density, light-weight material with a smooth surface that can be custom painted or laminated in a variety of materials. Letters made of Gatorfoam are best for indoor uses, and come in a variety of thicknesses and styles.

Letterfoam is a more durable alternative to Gatorfoam. This material has a 2lb density, and can be laminated with a smooth brushed aluminum face. Letterfoam is an excellent way to achieve a metal look while keeping costs down. These signs are highly durable and work well for outdoor signs.

HDU or Signfoam: The most durable of foam sign materials, HDU (high density urethane) or sign foam is great for harsh exterior conditions. HDU letters stand up to moisture and rot and will not crack, meaning your signfoam letters will have a long life. This material can be used to mimic a wood grain texture, making it a great alternative to more expensive wood letters. Signfoam can also be painted to achieve a look that will compliment your existing branding.

Foam Lettering
Metal Letters

Cast metal sign letters create a sense of permanency and depth. These beautiful letters are the perfect choice for any business that wants to set a tone of prominence and professionalism before clients even walk in the door.
Cast letters come in many different finishes and over 60 different font styles. The variety allows your business to stand apart from others with your own signature sign.

lat cut metal letters

Flat cut metal letters are an ideal way to bring your business logo to life. Precision laser and waterjet cutting can create intricately detailed shapes and letters to represent your brand. Flat cut metal letters are durable enough for an indoor or outdoor sign. Flat cut letters are available in a variety of thicknesses and metals, with many finishes available. These letters also benefit from being easy to ship anywhere in the nation.

lat cut metal letters

Metal Laminate Acrylic Letters are a perfect way to achieve the look and feel of metal while still remaining budget friendly. A thin layer of aluminum is bonded to an acrylic or signfoam base, creating a lightweight sign that looks just like it’s made of metal through and through. These letters are best for indoor applications, though in some cases they can be created to withstand outdoor sign conditions as well. Metal Laminate Acrylic Letters are typically made using aluminum, and are available in a wide variety of finishes, meaning that your chameleon sign can achieve the look of most other sign metals.

cast metal letters

Metal Channel Letters, or Fabricated Letters look amazing as a part of either indoor or outdoor signs. These three dimensional letters exude quality and expert craftsmanship. For high-end businesses that need a long lasting sign to represent their top notch brand, Channel letters are an excellent choice. Metal channel letters are typically made our of metals like stainless steel or aluminum in order to remain rust free. Each letter is custom formed to your needs, making the creative potential for these fabricated signs endless!

Metal Channel Letters


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